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The Suit Short Story Can Themba Pdf Download edrind




45 pistol he'd never fired before, holster and cartridge belts, two knives, and food to last him over the next few days. There was a heavy tree lying near a large log that was just a few feet away from the open doorway of the cabin, so he picked up the tree and carried it away from the cabin. Then he lay in the grass behind the cabin, pulled the pistol and holster from his pocket, and put them with the .45 on the log in front of the cabin. He had little light, so he closed the cabin door and lay down on his left side. He wrapped the blanket around himself, pulled it down over his face, and held it to his nostrils to try to keep out the cold. After lying there for a few minutes, he rose and closed the door. He put away the Colt and holster, gun powder, and a can of bullets and placed them in the brief case. He took a brush from the same brief case and opened it, stuck the brush in the rim of the water kettle, and put it next to him. With a candle he lit a candle, and with two shells of gun powder and a piece of fuse, he built a small fire, with the can of bullets sitting next to it. With the fire lit, he poured the water from the can into the kettle and filled it with the bucket from the pump. He took a stick and lit the fuse. As the fire burned, a small flame burned on the stick. He blew out the flame, and the stick fell into the water in the kettle. Then he placed the can of gun powder on the fire and lit it with a match. When the flames reached the gun powder, he blew out the flames. Then he picked up the can of gun powder and poured it over the fire. He added the water from the bucket next to it. He lit the fuse and threw it at the fire. It hit the fire, and it went up quickly. He threw in the shells, and it went off with a loud *BOOOM*, shaking the cabin. Then he lit the fire and poured the can of ammunition into it. He lit the fuse, threw it in the fire, and it went off. A small flame went up, and then it started burning hot. The shot made a loud *POW* sound and seemed to blow up the large log. *CRASH*, and the large log split into four logs. He tried to sweep the dust




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The Suit Short Story Can Themba Pdf Download edrind

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