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DAXXIFY vs BOTOX Cost Effectiveness and Duration

Karli Plunkett, DMSc, PA-C, LME

September 2, 2023

5 min read

daxxify vs botox cost

It’s 2024 and DAXXIFY is shocking the neurotoxin market. Patients are proactively asking about it, and we’re seeing extended wrinkle and frown line reduction results. Top of mind for us and our patients is DAXXIFY's cost-effectiveness, especially when compared to the long-standing champion, BOTOX. In this article I’ll be diving into the cost of each product, their longevity, year-by-year cost effectiveness, and how to determine which is the best fit for you.

What is the DAXXIFY vs BOTOX cost per unit?

BOTOX costs between $10-16 per unit in Orlando. DAXXIFY in Orlando costs $15-25 per unit, though our patients pay the same price per unit for both BOTOX and DAXXIFY. We find this usually makes it an easy decision for patients to try DAXI.

DAXXIFY works hard to earn its higher price point, and I expect at least another two years for DAXXIFY's market price to stabilize. Its standout claim is results that last 6 months on average, a notable improvement over the 3-4 month duration associated with BOTOX and other competitors like DYSPORT, Jeuveau, and Xeomen. If DAXXIFY's longevity claims are accurate, it implies fewer treatments over the course of a year. This potential reduction in frequency could have a meaningful impact on its cost-effectiveness over time. 

Does DAXXIFY last longer than BOTOX?

Traditional neurotoxins, including BOTOX, DYSPORT, Jeuveau, and Xeomen, have been known to last between 3-4 months. At Nectar Aesthetics, we always strive to ensure patients are scheduled for their next treatment when the effects of their previous treatment are expected to wane. However, life's unpredictabilities can sometimes intervene. It's not uncommon for patients to delay their appointments, often to the 4-5 month mark, after their lines and wrinkles have reappeared.

You should lovine your look all the time, and we especially don’t want a high variability to your appearance throughout the year. An essential aspect of a refined aesthetic is its consistency. This is where DAXXIFY's claims come into the spotlight. The product asserts that most patients can expect to see improvements that last for 6 months, and longer.

When I first started digging into the research, the first thing that struck me was that Revance Therapeutics, the creators of DAXXIFY, recommend using twice the dosage of BOTOX. It’s well understood that BOTOX’s duration is highly dose dependent. So does DAXXIFY actually last longer, or is their innovation just higher dosing?

To further explore this, it's crucial to delve into the research surrounding the longevity of BOTOX and DAXXIFY when administered at higher dosages. Both neurotoxins' studies utilized the Frown Wrinkle Severity (FWS) scale to gauge results. The scale ranges from 0 (none) to 3 (severe).

Starting with DAXXIFY, the FDA's approval was grounded in extensive clinical trial data. A total of 2,823 patients participated in these trials, receiving 4,444 treatments. Treatments involved 40 units of DAXXIFY in the glabellar region (twice the number of units typically prescribed for BOTOX). The outcomes were indeed impressive: Over half of these patients maintained measurable results at the injection site (glabellar region) even after six months. Some even had results that lasted up to nine months, underscoring the effectiveness and longevity of DAXXIFY's unique formulation.

In contrast, a similar BOTOX study revealed that when the dosage was doubled (from 20 to 40 units), about half of the participants still showcased an improvement at the 20-week mark in the same glabellar region. This was impressive, though not as long as the 24 weeks achieved with DAXXIFY.

The BOTOX study examined the duration it took for patients' frown lines and wrinkles to revert to their original state after receiving 40, 60, or 80 units. Notably, dosages exceeding 40 units did not extend the duration of the results. All groups, whether they received 40, 60, or 80 units, saw their results return to the baseline by the 24th week, on average. In contrast, patients who received 40 units of DAXXIFY didn't see a return to baseline until the 28th week. This indicates that 40U of DAXXIFY has a longer-lasting effect than even 60U or 80U of BOTOX. This is strong evidence that DAXXIFY’S formulation may indeed offer superior longevity.

The patient profiles in both studies were notably similar, with both investigations administering injections in the glabellar region. In the Botox study, the average participant age was approximately 48, while it was around 50 in the Daxxify study. For both studies, 39% of the patients exhibited "moderate" Frown Wrinkle Severity (FWS-2), and 61% showed "severe" Frown Wrinkle Severity (FWS-3). Therefore, it's improbable that variations in the patient demographics significantly influenced the outcomes.

In summary: While both neurotoxins can be enhanced with increased dosages, DAXXIFY might have an edge in terms of longevity.

What is the cost of DAXXIFY vs BOTOX per year?

Now that we can see DAXXIFY has longer lasting wrinkle and line reduction results, the next step is figuring out the difference in cost per year between BOTOX and DAXXIFY.

Starting with BOTOX: If we assume that the effects of BOTOX last approximately 4 months (from standard dosing), then the average patient would require three treatments per year. Considering an average full-face treatment might use around 70 units, and with the industry-standard cost ranging from $10-16 per unit, the annual expenditure for BOTOX would be approximately $2,730 at an average of $13 per unit. Our members at Nectar Aesthetics pay a preferential rate of $12 per unit of BOTOX, which would reduce their average cost to $2,520/year for BOTOX.

Now, let's consider DAXXIFY: With results lasting an average of 6 months, patients would typically need just two treatments per year. However, it's important to note that each DAXXIFY treatment requires double the units compared to BOTOX, translating to 140 units per treatment. With industry prices for DAXXIFY fluctuating between $15-25 per unit, the annual cost at an average of $20 per unit would amount to $5,600. For our members, the DAXXIFY cost is $12 per unit, reducing the annual DAXXIFY expenditure to $3,360.

While these figures provide a basic cost comparison, it's also worth noting that some might consider doubling the BOTOX units to extend the duration of results, aiming for a 5-month interval between treatments. However, if the goal is to maximize the duration of results through increased dosages, DAXXIFY appears to be the more effective option based on the available research.

Should I get DAXXIFY vs BOTOX?

When it comes to making a decision between DAXXIFY and BOTOX, several factors come into play. If your primary concern revolves around cost-effectiveness, then BOTOX, with its more frequent treatments, might be the more suitable choice. For those new to the world of neurotoxins, starting with BOTOX might also feel like a more comfortable introduction.

However, if you have a hectic schedule, find it challenging to make frequent aesthetic appointments, or prioritize maintaining a consistent appearance throughout the year, DAXXIFY could be the better fit.

Yet, it's imperative to remember that the success of any neurotoxin treatment isn't solely about the product itself but also about the expertise of the injector. Traditional education for PAs, NPs, or MDs doesn't include aesthetic injection training. As a result, some providers might only undergo a week of training before they start treating patients.

Both BOTOX and DAXXIFY treatments require precision and expertise. When administered incorrectly or hastily, or when only specific facial regions are treated, the results will show it. Complications such as a drooping eyelid, an asymmetrical smile, or even an infection at the injection site can occur. Unlike treatments with hyaluronic acid fillers, poor results from BOTOX or DAXXIFY cannot be immediately reversed. If the outcome is unsatisfactory, the only option is to wait for the effects to naturally diminish.

In conclusion, while the cost and duration of results are essential factors to consider, those new to DAXXIFY or even BOTOX should prioritize finding a well-versed injector. It's vital to ensure that your injector is not only well-informed about the research but also has an extensive portfolio of before-and-after results from their patients for both BOTOX and DAXXIFY treatments.

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