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Your Aesthetic Gateway Drug

BOTOX® is the most effective way to subtly reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face and neck. We also use BOTOX® for relieving migraines and TMJ disorders. Treatments are non-invasive, comfortable, and require no downtime! After your personalized consultation, your treatment will take less than 10 minutes, and can easily be performed during your lunch hour.

The duration of your results and balance with the rest of your face are vitally important to us. When you visit Nectar Aesthetics, you can know that your BOTOX® was freshly mixed the same day.

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Sanford's Best
BOTOX® Cosmetic Results:

botox before after sanford
botox sanford lake mary
BOTOX® orlando lines and wrinkle reduction

BOTOX® treatment areas

  • Upper face & neck lines

  • "Crow's feet" and frown lines

  • Lines around your mouth & chin 

  • Chronic migraines from teeth clenching/grinding

  • Masseter over-activation

  • Underarm sweating

  • Botox lip flip (with or without fillers)

  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint)

How does BOTOX® work?

BOTOX® injections reduce the underlying muscle activity that causes lines & wrinkles, to help your skin look visibly smoother. It does this by selectively blocking chemical signals from nerves, which otherwise cause your muscles to contract. As your results sets in, your facial muscles can finally relax and soften. 

Marble Surface

Lower-Face Results

botox lip flip sanford lake mary

BOTOX® Lip Flip (40 unit minimum/service)

best botox sanford debary

BOTOX® Chin Dimpling

Gentle Treatments

Unnecessary pain should never be a part of your toxin treatment. Our patients come to Jenni & Karli from Orlando to Daytona for gentle hands, tailored treatments, and natural-looking results.

sanford lake mary debary best botox
Book your tailored BOTOX® treatment today

The most trusted med spa for BOTOX® in Lake Mary & Sanford.


What's better: BOTOX® vs Dysport?

BOTOX® cosmetic has been the leading muscle inhibitor for over 30 years now, providing assurance of long-term safety. BOTOX® also has the widest range of FDA approval for cosmetic uses, such as reducing "crows feet" and forehead lines & wrinkles, and medical uses, such as treating migraines and even depression. Dysport is a similar toxin that is often less expensive for patients. We offer both, and generally recommend our patients use BOTOX®.

How long does BOTOX® last?

On average, results last for 3-4 months. More units can allow your results to last longer. Otherwise, your body's metabolic processes and movement of the treatment area will play a role in determining how long your results last. Every office mixes their toxin differently. Poor mixing procedures/dilution can reduce how long your treatment lasts.

Can BOTOX® make me look frozen?

Both the results and the duration are dose-dependent. If you want to avoid looking "frozen", then a lower dose is ideal. This means you will need to be treated more frequently.

Another injector dropped my brow. Can you avoid this?

Yes. Your forehead muscle keeps your eyebrow muscles elevated. By injecting too much toxin in your forehead, your brow can drop. Our injection pattern is customized to your face and optimal for avoiding dropping your brow. We're in Sanford, and have patients traveling to us for BOTOX® from Lake Mary, DeBary, and Orlando to avoid having their brow dropped.

At what age should I start BOTOX®?

Toxin injections are best used early as a preventative treatment. Starting before lines are set in, while your face is at rest, is ideal. Most patients would have benefitted from starting preventative treatments earlier.

What happens if I stop using BOTOX®?

Your facial muscle function will return to normal strength. This means that over time your fine lines and wrinkles will return. The brief reprieve your skin experienced from the strength of the muscle will still leave some softened lines for a few months.

Are there any complications?

Our patients come to us to avoid complications they may have experienced with other providers, such as eyelid (extremely rare) or eyebrow droop. This has a lot to do with dosing, injection pattern, and post-care routine. Those negative outcomes do wear off eventually, but choosing the right injector the first time can save you a lot of discomfort and aggravation.

Do you offer BOTOX® for migraines near me?

Severe and chronic muscular facial tension can cause migraines. Strategically dosed and administered botox can bring relief by inhibiting chemical signals which cause your facial muscles to maintain tension. Our specialists have undergone training for treating migraines. Find out if this could help relieve your migraines by scheduling a consultation today. Our practice is in Sanford, and we have patients travel to us from Orlando, Lake Mary, Winter Park, and DeBary to relive their migraines.

Do you offer BOTOX® for TMJ and masseters near me?

BOTOX® can relieve chronic teeth grinding and jaw (masseter) clenching when strategically dosed and administered. Our specialists have undergone extensive training, and treated hundreds of patients for TMJ relief. To find out if you're a candidate for TMJ relief, schedule your consultation today. We have patients drive to our Sanford practice from Winter Park, Orlando, and Lake Mary for TMJ and masseter relief.

How much does BOTOX® cost?

Non-members pay $13/unit and Nectar VIP members pay $11/unit.

How many units of do I need?

Your dose is determined by the strength of your muscle and number of areas that require treatment, along with your desired result and duration. Because of all these factors, the range is vast. Generally, from 25 units to 150 units.

Typical units per area:

  • Forehead: 8-20 units

  • "11's": 15-30 units

  • Crow's feet: 12-22 units

  • Bunny lines: 6-12 units

  • Botox lip flip: 4 units (MINIMUM 20 units per visit)

  • Masseters: 30-70 units

  • Chin dimpling: 6-10 units

  • Downturned mouth: 4-8 units

  • Neck: 30-50 units

Do you offer Botox Lip Flip near me?

Our patients love coming to us for lip flips. Book your lip appointment today to learn the differences between lip filler and a botox lip flip. Please keep in mind we have a 20 UNIT MINIMUM, so lip flips should be paired with other toxin treatments.

What is the minimum units per treatment?

We have a 20 UNIT MINIMUM. This allows our practice to remain profitable, while never rushing toxin injection procedures. Your lip flip will only require a few units, allowing you to use your additional units elsewhere.

Do you offer BOTOX® injections near me?

We are in Sanford and have patients drive to us for BOTOX® from Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary, DeBary, & Deltona. Patients come to us for tailored treatments, gentle hands, and natural-looking results.

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