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VIP Memberships

Rewards . Results . Service 

Membership Benefits

*Save $2/unit on neurotoxins (BOTOX & DAXXIFY)


*10% off Products


*10% off Aesthetic Services (Threads,

Morpheus, & IPL treatments)


*10% off Facials


*10% off Aesthetic Shaping Packages


*Access to special events/discounts

The ViBees Monthly Membership is $250 per month subscription. Your membership payments accrue in your spa savings account and roll over from month-to-month. You receive the exact same discounts as the Annual Membership, as long as you pay your subscription. You are no longer eligible for benefits if you pause or cancel your subscription. This is a great option if you like to budget for your services while saving money.

The Queen Bee Annual Membership is $495 annually, with no monthly dues and no spa savings account. It pays for itself with only 2 syringes and 2 neurotoxin (BOTOX or Dysport) treatments in 1 year. This is a great option if you want to avoid a monthly subscription payment.

The HoneyBae BOTOX Membership is only $20/month. You'll receive the same $2/mo off any neurotoxin (BOTOX, DAXXIFY, Dysport), along with 10% off all products. This is our simplest membership, and creates an estimated savings of $440/year.

*Unused monthly dues cannot be cashed out, but their cash value always rolls over for future services

*Monthly dues are transferrable 3x/year, but benefits are not

*Benefits cannot be combined with other discounts; whichever discount/benefit saves you more money will be applied

*No start-up fee, no cancellation fee, month-to-month membership after 3 months of membership

*Freezing the membership is allowed up to 3 months; all benefits are suspended during this time

*HoneyBae BOTOX Membership benefits are limited to $2/unit neurotoxin savings, and 10% off products.

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