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Orlando's Lip Filler Specialists

Contour . Plump . Volumize


Aesthetics is a fine art, and your lips deserve tailored care. That's why we'll begin with a thorough consultation- because we're dedicated to fully understanding your desires and concerns.

Your lips are too precious for hurried, one-size-fits-all injections. With our careful attention-to-detail and delicate hands, you're going to love your plumped lips from every angle. 

Orlando's Best Lip Filler
Before and Afters

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Patients Loving Their Lips

"I honestly have to say this is the best med spa in Central Florida! I’ve had my lips done two times so far and Botox for the first time last Fall. I’ve since moved out of Florida but will continue to return just to get these things done because she is THAT GOOD!!" -Lauren S

"My lips look incredible! I’ve had them done 2 other times by different injectors and they have never turned out this good! Can’t wait to go back! 👄❤️" -Amanda G

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"I drive over 2 hours and it’s worth the drive every time."

-Amanda M

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Tailored Lip Treatments

  • Volume: Are you looking for a contoured & natural-look or a plump & sensual look?

  • Dermal fillers: For your optimal results, we may use JUVEDERM ULTRA®, JUVEDERM VOLBELLA®, RHA®, RESTYLANE DEFYNE®, and/or RESTYLANE KYSSE®. 

  • Injection techniques: Treatments are customized for your lips, so we may use cannula, tenting, horizontal threading, lip flip, and other techniques.

  • Symmetry: Reduce asymmetries between both sides of your mouth, and your upper and lower lip.


Everyone responds to dermal fillers differently, so we don't charge per syringe. Instead, you can simply pay for your desired outcome.

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lip filler dissolve orlando

We Fix Bad Lip Filler

Had your lips augmented somewhere else and not loving it? That's okay, our ultrasound device helps us dissolve bad or migrated filler with precision.

Lip filler is our specialty. That's why patients often drive hours for us to dissolve their filler and retreat their lips.

Your Lip Filler Experience

After a comprehensive consultation, we can start your numbing with a topical anesthetic to ensure a comfortable treatment. Once numb, you can expect gentle hands and serious attention-to-detail for your treatment.

Treatments are minimally invasive, so you should be fine to return to normal daily activities after your treatment. Expect to hear from your Patient Care Coordinator the next day to answer any follow-up questions and make sure you're loving your results.

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Book your tailored treatment today

Luscious Lips Now, Pay Later!
0% Interest Options

Find a payment plan that works for you, with an APR starting as low as 0%.


All you need is your state ID and mobile phone number to get started. If approved, manage your payment options and stay in control with 24/7 access to Cherry’s self-serve patient portal. Learn more here.

Meet Your Orlando Lip Filler Specialists

Best med spa near me in florida for botox

Karli Plunkett DMSc, PA-C, LME

  • Instagram

As an Allergan Medical Institute national trainer, Karli trains injectors on Botox & hyaluronic acid fillers across the Southeast US. Karli specializes in full facial balancing. Read more and meet the rest of the team here.

Megan Nectar Aesthetics Headshots  ©Image by The Brand Boss Lady 5.jpg

Megan Hall ARPN, FNP-C

  • Instagram

With her expert touch and warm demeanor, Megan specializes in sculpting the perfect pout, defining jawlines, and bringing out your inner glow. Megan's affinity for cannula use ensures a smoother, more comfortable experience, with minimal bruising and swelling. Read more here.


"I’ve been to other Med spas that market themselves as “high-end” and had a careless, hurried, botch job on lip filler or way too heavy a hand at Botox. The precision and care taken by Karli to not only return my lips to the fullness I had when I was younger, but also correct where my lips were naturally asymmetrical was pure artistry!" -S. Francis

"If you’ve been considering lip fillers, this is THE place to go. I had been contemplating getting my lips done for a couple of years and did a lot of research before landing at Nectar. Karli evened them out and gave me a natural plump." -Danielle H

"I’d only had experience with a chain spa for lip filler. After two sessions of poor results (product and placement), I decided to try Nectar Aesthetics. She did a fantastic job with everything. She took her time injecting, being very thorough and precise." -Connie R

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Lip Filler FAQs

What are the best dermal fillers for lips?

Our practice is committed to using only FDA-approved products for lip augmentation, including top-tier brands such as JUVEDERM ULTRA, JUVEDERM VOLBELLA, Restylane Kysse, Restylane Refyne, Revanesse Lips+, RHA II, and RHA III. The ideal product for you hinges on your personal preference for a bold, voluminous result or a gentle, understated enhancement.


We're more than willing to share photos of our past patients to illustrate the different outcomes. Upon determining your aesthetic goals, we will carefully select the most suitable product, as well as determine the necessary volume and number of treatments required to achieve your desired look.

Can filler make my lips look fake or "ducky"?

Our practice focuses on natural-looking results. We will happily refer out patients who prefer a "ducky" look. We also offer dissolving and corrective treatments for patients who find their lips looking overdone.


We begin every appointment with a thorough consultation so that we fully understand your desires. Your desired results will directly dictate the filler-product, volume, and technique we use. We offer all our patients the ability to dissolve their dermal filler for free if they are not satisfied with their results.

Can lip fillers be reversed?

Fortunately, most hyaluronic acid filler products are dissolvable, including Restylane, JUVEDERM, VOLBELLA, Versa, and RHA products. These are all injectable products made using hyaluronic acid, which we use hyaluronidase to dissolve. If you need us to fix the outcome of another practice, we will need to know what product they used.


Some new patients come to us with previously injected filler that has either migrated or ended up lumpy, asymmetric, or too "ducky". 2-4 weeks after dissolving the area, we can refill it properly. Having your lips dissolved is not a fun experience and is one of many reasons for you to choose the right injector the first time.

Are lip fillers safe?

When administered by a qualified professional, lip fillers are generally safe. However, like any medical procedure, they do carry some risks, including swelling, bruising, and, rarely, more serious complications. Always ensure you consult with a trusted practitioner near you in Orlando.

Is lip filler painful?

Lip filler can be painful if your injector is rushed, uses a large gauge needle, or doesn't numb you properly. Our patients travel to Nectar Aesthetics for both comfort and results. As a result, most of the discomfort our patients experience is from anxiety, not from pain.


We use tiny 30 and 31 gauge needles (about as thick as a dozen human hairs). We even have our medical assistant provide distraction by tapping your leg during your treatment. Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere and Maitland patients come expecting gentle hands & empathetic aesthetic injectors.

How much does lip filler cost near me in Orlando, FL?

You can expect costs starting around $750 per session in Orlando. The final cost for varies depending upon the sessions required and your desired results.

How long do lip fillers last?

Dermal filler metabolizes at different speeds for different people. This metabolism is determined by genetic factors and movement. On average, we see our patients back at 6-9 months to maintain their results.

What's the difference between injectable filler and hyaluron pen needleless lip augmentation?

The FDA released a warning against using hyaluron pen needleless treatments because of cases of serious injuries and permanent harm to patients.


We do not offer hyaluron pen treatments at our office because of the very high risk of occlusion, skin necrosis, and lumpy outcomes. Instead, we use the precision of needle treatments with FDA approved products that have been specifically formulated for lips. Although needle-free, hyaluron pen treatments can be highly painful. This is due to the use of high-impact jet propulsion as the method of delivery, resulting in a lack of precision and an increased risk of injury. There have been cases of cracked and broken teeth from the impact of hyaluron pen devices during treatment.

Do you offer a botox lip flip near me in downtown Orlando?

A botox lip flip is the relaxation of the sphincter-like muscle that runs around your lip. These treatments are only effective if your lip curls under when you smile. Otherwise, they will not add volume and you will get your best results with dermal filler augmentation. Botox lip flip results are not permanent. You can expect results to last 4-6 weeks. For longer lasting, more noticeable results, we recommend dermal filler treatments. Please keep in mind we have a 20 UNIT MINIMUM for botox services, so they should be paired with other toxin treatments.

What are lip fillers made of?

Most lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in your body that attracts and binds water molecules, helping to plump and literally hydrate your lips. 

What should I know before my treatment?

Avoid the following for the 2 weeks before your treatment: Fish oil, ibuprofen, aspirin, dental work, immunization, and illness. To limit swelling/bruising, avoid alcohol and strenuous exercise for 2 days before and after your treatment. 

Do you offer lip filler near me?

Our lip filler patients come from Altamonte Springs, Winter Park,  Oviedo, Maitland, Winter Springs, Kissimmee, and Windermere because we specialize in lip filler. Your best results are worth it. Just type "best lip filler near me" into your map and start driving!

Where in downtown Orlando are you located?

Our Orlando med spa is coming soon to 361 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando, FL 32801. Nectar will be located in the 1st floor of the Radius apartment building, and only 200 yard walk from Lake Eola.

What are the potential side effects of lip fillers?

Common side effects include temporary swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site. More serious complications, though rare, can include infection, lumps, or an allergic reaction.

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