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Tighten Skin . Reduce Fat . Glow

Morpheus8 is a non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency to promote tissue and skin remodeling in your selected treatment area. The process encourages the production of collagen and fresher, younger-looking skin.


Morpheus8 penetrates deeper than Microneedling, with the added benefits of radio-frequency energy. You can look forward to:

  • Tightened skin by increasing collagen

  • Decreased discoloration from age spots and sun damage

  • Selectively reduced subcutaneous fat (like the fat under the chin)

  • Targeted facial sculpting and contouring

Marble Surface

Sanford's Best Morpheus8 Radiofrequency Results

radiofrequency skin tightening sanford
sanford morpheus8 lake mary debary
morpheus8 lake mary sanford debary

Morpheus8 Radiofrequency is highly effective for:

  • ​Face tightening, lines, and pigment

  • Neck tightening and lines

  • Décolleté smoothing 

  • Jowl tightening 

  • Abdomen contouring

  • Thigh cellulite reduction

  • Arm tightening and fat reduction

Comfortable Morpheus8 Treatments

Unnecessary pain should never get in the way of you receiving the most effective Morpheus8 treatments; that's why we offer more than numbing creams.  

As a Nectar patient, you have access to Pro-Nox™, a 50/50 blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to reduce your awareness of discomfort. You can control the amount of relief you'd like with your handheld, disposable mouthpiece and will be back to normal within 5-10 minutes of your last breath.

sanford radio frequency skin tightening debary lake mary
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the downtime after a Morpheus8 treatment?

For deeper RF treatments (traditional Morpheus8) you will experience redness the day of your treatment, pink the next day, and with nearly full recovery by day 3. For more superficial forms of RF (resurfacing Morpheus8), red squares are typical for days 1-2, then red dots for days 3-7, with nearly full recovery by day 8 being typical.

What are radiofrequency waves?

RF waves are a form of radiation. Radiation is the release of energy via electromagnetic waves. X-rays and gamma rays are examples of high energy radiation, while radiofrequency, Wi-Fi and radio waves are considered low energy radiation.

Are there any risks with RF treatments?

As with any medical procedure, there are potential complications. Sanford patients come to us for safety and results, and we always discuss the risks before treatment. Because RF is a heat-based modality, excessive heat or lack of adherence to pre and post-care can increase chances of complications, which include hyperpigmentation. With traditional Morpheus8 treatments, facial fat loss is possible, which is not desired sometimes.

Who is not a good candidate for Morpheus8 microneedling treatments?

Patients with very dark skin tones should avoid resurfacing Morpheus8. Very thin patients with limited facial fat should avoid traditional Morpheus8 treatments.

How long do Morpheus8 treatments take?

Our patients appreciate that we always begin with 45 to 75 minutes of numbing. Treatments normally take 15 to 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of post-care product application. Please make sure you dedicate a few hours on your schedule to your visit!

What bodyparts can be treated with Morpheus8?

Our Sanford patients love the results they see for their abdomen, love handles, bra fat, banana rolls, thighs, arms, neck, and back.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients see a difference after their first treatment. We normally recommend 3-5 treatments, depending upon your starting point and desired results.

Do you offer Morpheus8 treatments near me?

We are in Sanford and have patients come to us for Morpheus8 treatments from Lake Mary, Longwood, DeBary, Deltona, and DeLand.

Who is an ideal candidate for Morpheus8 skin tightening treatments?

Skin tightening treatments with can make a profound difference for patients looking for younger, tighter skin. If you live in Sanford, Lake Mary, Winter Park, or Orlando, Nectar Aesthetics is your destination for effective skin tightening treatments.

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a cutting-edge, non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment that combines microneedling with radiofrequency technology to improve skin tone, texture, and tightness. It promotes collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and can improve the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, and other skin irregularities. At our Orlando medical spa, our experienced professionals provide personalized Morpheus8 treatments to help you achieve your desired results.

How does Morpheus8 work?

Morpheus8 uses an array of fine, coated needles to create microchannels in the skin, delivering radiofrequency energy to heat the underlying tissue. This triggers collagen and elastin production, leading to firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin. Our skilled practitioners in Orlando will customize the treatment to your unique needs, ensuring an effective and comfortable experience.

Are Morpheus8 treatments painful?

Morpheus8 can be painful if your practicioner is rushed, or doesn't numb you properly. Most of our patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure due to the care taken by Kiki and Jenni. Our Orlando medical spa uses a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort, and our trained professionals closely monitor your experience to maintain your well-being throughout the treatment.

How much does Morpheus8 cost near me?

The cost of Morpheus8 treatment varies depending on factors such as the treatment area, the number of sessions required, and your location. To provide you an accurate estimate, please schedule a tailored consultation with Kiki or Jenni.

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