.Lift . Correct . Smooth.

Polydioxanone (PDO) is an absorbable suture material, commonly used in cardiothoracic surgery due to low reactivity of this suture in patients. 

There are 2 types of threads we use in aesthetics: 

- Smooth threads are the width of a strand of hair, can be placed into the skin with a blunt tip needle to build collagen around the strand. These threads can be placed under the eyes, around the mouth, across the neck, in the cheeks or temples to provide more volume to the face without using dermal filler, and smooth out textural issues like 'crepey' skin.

- Suspension threads are textured, so as to grip the skin and suspend it. The new collagen then grows in the trajectory of the threads, like replaced velcro. These threads are used to lift the face or neck a non-surgical, non-scar alternative.

Marble Surface

Examples of suspension threads for lifting. Puckering is temporary and lessens every day until finally settling 1-2 weeks after treatment.