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PDO Threading

Polydioxanone (PDO) is a dissolvable suture material, commonly used in cardiothoracic surgery due to low reactivity of this suture in patients. There are 2 types of threads we use in aesthetics: 

  • Smooth threads are the width of a strand of hair. We carefully lace them around a cannula and place them under the skin. Your body will recognize this dissolvable suture material as a foreign body and build new collagen & elastin around the strand. When the thread has dissolved, your intentionally structured collagen & elastin remain. Your final results may include additional facial volume, skin thickness, and smoothed out textural issues.

  • Suspension threads are textured to anchor the skin and suspend it. Suspension threads are a non-surgical, non-scarring facelift alternative. To picture what your suspension thread results may look like, use your index fingers to pull your cheeks up and back. New collagen then grows in the trajectory of the threads, like replaced velcro. 

pdo threading sanford lake mary

Examples of suspension threads for lifting. Puckering is temporary and lessens every day until finally settling 1-2 weeks after treatment.

pdo thread results sanford fl
lake mary pdo thread results
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pdo thread results sanford florida
Best PDO Thread Locations

Smooth PDO Threads:

  • Under eyes

  • Mouth

  • Neck

  • Cheeks

  • Temples

Suspension PDO Threads:

  • Cheeks

  • Brow

  • Neck

  • Jowls

Price: 1,500-2000, depending upon area and desired results.

Frequency: Every 18-24 months for young patients. Every 12 months for mature patients.

Best Pairing: Strategically add volume with filler 2-3 months after threads.

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